What to wear during WIZARD WEEKEND?

Since event producer Markster Con initially made the announcement that WIZARD WEEKEND was coming to Athens in October 2017, the most asked question we've gotten so far is "what do I wear"? Good question! When you start thinking about it, there are almost unlimited possibilities if you go by characters in well-known books and movies. Then there are the "off-takes" of those characters and their looks that you can morph into your own if you wanted. You can also wear your favorite wizard-themed outfit, house colors or wizard themed shirt if you want to keep things simple.

If you want to go all out, dress in a robe with an appropriate crest to support your "house"or maybe even create your own wizard or magic-themed creature. Granted that the weekend will have a very strong presence of Potter themed costumes, but ANY wizard, witch, warlock, sorcerer, fairy, or other magical creature will be appropriate. The options are almost endless so have fun with it! And, of course, keep in mind the colder weather.

There is no "dress code" as long as you have either an individual ticket to the WIZARD'S BALL (on Friday, Oct. 20, 18+ – location TBA) or the WIZARD PUB CRAWL (on Saturday, Oct. 21, 21+) or  a "Combo" ticket (gets you into both WIZARD WEEKEND events) but we do highly encourage theme participation!

There will be multiple house photo stations set up as well as roaming staff photographers so there will lots of photo opportunities – some helping you gain house points for the House Point Competition! And, of course, don't forget about the Midnight Costume Contest during the WIZARD'S BALL!

It goes without saying but remember your wand! What kind of wizard would you be if you forgot your wand. A wandless wizard, of course.

NOTE: Even though the Friday night event is called a "Ball" it does not require formal dress. Feel free to wear house robes or dress as a magical creature. However if you do want to dress formal you should totally go for it!

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