Event T-Shirts (pre-order)

Attendees will have the option to pre-order a Markster Con EXPECTO HANGOVER™ Wizard Weekend t-shirt, available in 6 color options, including a special run of black/red/white "Dawg House" t-shirts.

Commemorative EXPECTO HANGOVER™ t-shirts can be picked up at either event OR mailed (add shipping). More info. on tickets to the events, which include the t-shirt option if you want one yourself, can be found by clicking HERE.

NOTE: You do not have to attend the event to get a shirt - have it shipped!

Interested in tickets to either/both WIZARD WEEKEND event?
If so, please click HERE.

Advanced tickets can be purchased online:
Athens WIZARD'S BALL (Oct. 20th, 9pm-2am) via  40 Watt Ticketing Site (18+)

Athens WIZARD PUB CRAWL (Oct. 21st, 4-11pm) via mcp.xorbia.com/wpc_athens (21+)

"Combo" option – best deal – for BOTH events via 40 Watt Ticketing Site (21+)