Monday, October 9, 2017

WIZARD PUB CRAWL: Wizard-themed drink specials released, available at official pubs on October 21

( Click for a larger version or to DOWNLOAD )
We're so excited to share all of the great wizard-themed drinks that registered attendees will have access to next Saturday during the Markster Con WIZARD PUB CRAWL in Athens on Oct. 21st.

All participating pubs will be offering a variety of themed drinks, ranging from $2-$4, exclusive to this event and it's participants.

Make sure to take some time to read over what will be offered and DOWNLOAD it to your cell phone for easy reference during the magical event! You can also find a text version of what is being offered via the "Magical Themed Drinks" page located HERE.

NOTE: Ingredients for some drinks are limited so participating pubs might run out if the demand for that wizard-themed drink is high – remember to tip your bartenders!

ADV. TICKETS are still available to both the Oct. 20th WIZARD'S BALL at 40 Watt Club and Oct. 21st WIZARD PUB CRAWL including a "Combo" option to both events (available only through the 40 Watt Club ticketing page).

Athens WIZARD'S BALL ($15, Oct. 20th, 9pm-2am, 18+)
Athens WIZARD PUB CRAWL ($25, Oct. 21st, 4-11pm, 21+)
"Combo" option – best deal ($35 for BOTH events via 40 Watt Site, 21+)